Mike Fussell, KTVA-11

State evaluators invited the public to take a look at a trailer that could be used to bring affordable liquefied natural gas to the Interior.

The Western Cascade LNG trucking unit was on display outside of Hotel North Pole this afternoon.

Members of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority are in the process of ensuring the equipment meets the economic and safety requirements for the Interior Energy Project.

The trailer will be used if either a North Slope or Cook Inlet solution is chosen by AIDEA.

The 53-foot long unit can carry up to 15,000 gallons and contains a double-wall system to ensure safety in case of an accident.

Inspectors plan on driving all possible project routes with a full load, and said they will conclude their study within the next two to three months.

“Right now, we’re looking at how much product we can actually get in the tank and still meet the road law requirements, how it handles for the drivers and making sure there’s no issues with loading and unloading the trailer,” Dan Britton, President of Fairbanks Natural Gas, said. “The biggest part of the test is really how much product we can put on the trailer on a consistent basis.”