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Participating Suppliers

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Become an IGU preferred contractor or supplier and receive the following benefits.

Program Benefits:

  • Participants are listed on the Interior Gas Utility (IGU) website as preferred contractors. IGU directs customers to that list regularly.
  • Co-marketing opportunities with IGU, suppliers, and other contractors
  • One-on-one assistance with natural gas projects from the IGU team.
  • Basic training from IGU.
  • Networking opportunities with other contractors, manufacturer representatives, suppliers, and IGU.
  • Program participants are viewed as preferred contractors and an extension of the Interior Gas Utilities sales team.
  • Contractors serve as natural gas appliance experts for residential customers.

Program Requirements:

  • Must have a licensed business for a minimum of three years with a proven track record. IGU may consider past experience.
  • Must be willing to submit license and insurance information
  • Must service and install natural gas appliances
  • Must pull permits in all appropriate jurisdictions
  • Must offer free in-home or in-business consultations
  • Must offer written proposals/contracts to customers that state all fees
  • Must make every effort to resolve any customer complaints promptly
  • Must offer warranties on parts and labor
  • Must participate in an IGU training session
  • Must comply with all laws and maintain all appropriate licenses, insurance, permits, registrations and certifications for the work performed. Updates to licenses and insurance coverage should be provided to the program as needed before expiration.
  • Any sub-contractor must comply with program requirements and standards.
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