Fuel Tank Decommissioning

When it is time to decide what to do with your old tank.

Information for Underground Tank Decommission

Find out the information you need for taking your old fuel tank out of service. Please download the PDF below to begin the process.

For the convenience of our customers, IGU maintains a list of contractors able to decommission or remove fuel tanks.  The Utility does not supervise or in any way control the work that is performed by the independent contractor on the list and IGU is not liable for any acts, errors omissions of the independent contractors. IGU is updating the list as more contractors express interest in being listed, as long as they satisfy all the requirements below.

To be added to the list, the contractors have to fill out the participation form, attend an IGU training session, and certify that they:

  • Have a licensed business for a minimum of three years with a proven track record. IGU may consider past experience.
  • Are willing to submit license, bonding, and insurance information to IGU
  • Pull permits in all appropriate jurisdictions
  • Offer free in-home or in-business consultations
  • Offer written proposals/contracts to customers that state all fees
  • Make every effort to resolve any customer complaints promptly
  • Offer warranties on parts and labor
  • Participated in an IGU training session
  • Comply with all laws and maintain all appropriate licenses, insurance, permits, registrations and certifications for the work performed. Updates to licenses and insurance coverage should be provided to the program as needed before expiration.
  • Any sub-contractor complies with program requirements and standards.

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