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Compare your current cost to natural gas.

Residential Energy Calculator

Natural gas is measured in CFs (cubic feet) and billed in CCFs (hundred cubic feet). Because heating oil is measured in gallons, we use BTUs as a common denominator when calculating energy cost. Here are the numbers the calculator is using:

  • Natural Gas: 100,000 BTUs, $2.292/CCF.
  • Heating Oil: 135,000 BTUs/gallon, variable price.
    Calculator uses the most recent FNSB average. You can change it based on how much you pay.

Compare Natural Gas to Fuel Oil

Heating Oil

  • Annual Boiler/Furnace tune-up/cleaning

  • Average AFUE ratings between 80% and 90%

  • Regular delivery as well as a fuel tank needed.

  • Bulky equipment

  • Volatile market with highly variable pricing

  • Higher carbon emissions

  • Emissions from exhaust stack stains roofs and siding

  • Buried tank creates environmental liability

  • Only used for heating

  • Burning Oil creates soot and reduces boiler efficiency

Natural Gas

  • Tune up every 3-5 years (after initial one year tune-up after installation)

  • Most natural gas furnaces and boilers are 89%-98% efficient

  • On-demand supply, with no on-site storage required

  • Available as wall-hung units

  • Stable pricing with rare rate changes

  • The cleanest burning fossil fuel

  • Clean emissions with no staining

  • No tank and no potential for ground contamination

  • Used for a variety of household needs, including cooking, clothes dryer, BBQ & fireplace

  • No soot created by combustion of natural gas