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Save money. Improve air quality. Switch to natural gas.

Natural Gas Map

Check if natural gas is available near your home or business by using the map below. The yellow lines represent the IGU distribution lines.  Natural gas may not be available currently in your area. If natural gas is not available, IGU may be able to bring a natural gas line to you by extending a main line. Main line extension decisions are made based on budget available, customer interest, and distance from the existing main lines.

Terms of Use
By viewing the gas availability map, you agree and acknowledge that:

  • The information in this tool is for guidance purposes only and is not guaranteed. It may reflect incomplete, incorrect, redacted, or outdated information. IGU may add, modify or delete any information contained in this tool without prior notice.
  • The location of IGU natural gas main lines is generalized.
  • You will not reproduce or use in any other medium, distribute, or otherwise use the tool or its information for any purpose other than analysis of the viability of a natural gas connection.