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IGU was created as a public utility by the FNSB through Ordinance No. 2012-52, after acquiring an area-wide natural gas utility power by transfer from the Cities of Fairbanks, Alaska and North Pole, Alaska. IGU is a wholly owned subsidiary of the FNSB, with the primary objective to provide low cost, clean burning, natural gas to the largest number of customers in the FNSB as soon as possible. Its goal is to bring both economic and environmental well-being to the FNSB area, and provide an important and necessary benefit to the public.

IGU was created specifically to help ensure natural gas is made available to the largest number of customers in the FNSB possible, in the shortest amount of time possible, at the lowest cost possible. IGU was created by Interior Alaskans to help ensure that promise is realized. As a municipal utility the IGU may take full advantage of partnerships available through local and state agencies to best serve the interest of the community.

If you heat with oil, you could be experiencing the following problems:

  • Frequent oil deliveries
  • Unpredictable oil prices
  • The high cost of maintaining old oil heating equipment
  • Sooty walls, carpeting, furniture and draperies requiring constant cleaning
  • Leaky oil tank (and the high cost of clean-up)

Heating with natural gas offers the following advantages:

  • Natural gas burns cleaner than oil
  • Natural gas is reliably supplied
  • Rates are stable because of government regulation
  • Natural gas heating equipment allows for a higher level of efficiency
  • Switching to natural gas is simple and affordable

No. Natural Gas vaporizes/liquefies at -259 °F (-162 °C) and Propane vaporizes/liquefies at -44 °F (-42 °C). So even on the coldest day ever recorded in Alaska, -80 °F (-62 °C), Natural Gas will still flow with no problems.

No. Stack temperatures from oil boilers may be higher, but boiler output temperatures are the same for similar rated boilers. Simply put: “A BTU is a BTU.”
100 MBH oil boiler Output = 100 MBH gas boiler Output

No. The gas pressure will be maintained to your home, but your gas boiler or other equipment that needs electricity to operate will stop running.

No. The Directors serve in a volunteer capacity and do not get paid a stipend. They meet every first and third Tuesday for Board meetings and Work Sessions and Finance Committee meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Information about each director, including a photo and biography is available on the IGU Board of Directors page.


Yes.  We will restore the area after installation to the same or better condition than before.

We begin installing service lines in June and continue until weather permits.

IGU charges a heavily subsidized fee for the service line installation. A service line to a residential propriety is $225 and to a commercial – $350. Included in the fee are all costs associated with the installation of 100 ft or less of service line. If your residence is located further than 100 feet, there is an additional charge per foot: $15 for trenched construction and $45 for drilled.

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