Targeted Airshed Grant
Mainline Extensions

What is the Targeted Airshed Grant?

What is the Targeted Airshed Grant?

The Alaska Targeted Airshed Grant is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Environmental Conversation. It is a funding initiative aimed at improving air quality and mitigating emissions. This grant program is designed to address localized air pollution challenges by providing financial support for projects that implement strategies to reduce harmful emissions.

Where Are We Expanding?

We are expanding our mainline to service areas of North Pole, north of Hurst Road, and other environmental justice areas. Fill out your non-committal Gas Service Request to see if we’re coming to you!

How Will You Know If We’re Coming To You?

Once we have received your Gas Service Request, we will contact you to inform you if gas will be available at your location. After you have received confirmation you can submit your New Service Agreement to solidify your 2024 installation.

What Are The Next Steps?

After you have submitted your New Service Agreement, we will contact you twice. Once to schedule your site survey and the other to schedule your installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Areas north of Hurst Road, and other environmental justice areas, are consistently reading the worst in terms of air quality due to PM 2.5 emissions. To address the elevated health risks in these areas, main line expansion has been prioritized alongside our continuous effort to get the FNSB into attainment.

IGU heavily subsidizes the cost of installation in an effort to make the conversion to natural gas more affordable. The residential fee is $350 and the commercial fee is $500, which is about 8% of the actual cost of each of the installation types. You are also responsible for hiring and paying the contractor that will complete your internal piping. Our list of installation providers is a great resource.

Yes. You can still use the FNSB Change Out Program if the Targeted Airshed Grant is funding the mainline extension into your area. You can learn more about the Change Out Program by visiting the FNSB website.

If you are interested in natural gas, but the Targeted Airshed Grant funds are not sufficient to extend gas service to your area please submit your Gas Service Request. Your interest will be considered as we plan our mainline expansion in the future.

There are private loans available to assist in your natural gas conversion costs if necessary. To find more information please contact your preferred bank or credit union.

Questions About The Targeted Airshed Grant?

Please contact Interior Gas Utility customer service
Phone: (907) 452-7111

Questions About The Change Out Program?

Please contact FNSB Air Quality Division
Phone: (907) 459-1005