Contact: Mindy O’Neall


Vacant board seat to be appointed

Fairbanks, AK – The Interior Gas Utility Board elected a new Board Chair and Vice-Chair at the regularly scheduled board meeting Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Vice-Chair Mike Meeks was elected as the Chair, and Frank Abegg was elected as the Vice-Chair. Their terms began immediately.

The IGU Board was faced with electing new leadership positions after Board Chair Bob Shefchik officially resigned to be the Team Lead for the Interior Energy Project. His resignation was accepted at the Tuesday night meeting and took effect immediately.

“Bob Shefchik has done an amazing job leading this team and representing the IGU,” said Meeks. “The gas utility would not be where it is today without his dedication and hard work. I will do my best to lead the IGU to deliver affordable gas to as many people possible, as soon as possible.”

Shefchik’s seat will be filled by the FNSB Mayor’s appointment, which will be confirmed by the FNSB Assembly and expires on December 31, 2015. This position is up for a vote in the October 2015 municipal election, where candidates would need to file by August 15. Interested candidates can contact Mayor Luke Hopkins’ office at 459-1300 or for more information.

The Interior Gas Utility is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FNSB. All meetings and project information is available at