Presentation reveals cost to truck natural gas to Fairbanks area

By Matt Buxton mbuxton@newsminer.com newsminer.com FAIRBANKS — After much educated guessing about just how much it will cost to truck natural gas to the Fairbanks area, the price came in at about what everyone expected. “The number is less than $13 (per thousand cubic feet or mcf),” MWH Managing Director Rick Adcock told a packed [...]

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At last, clarity coming on gas

By Jomo Stewart newsminer.com Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Community Perspective FAIRBANKS — For many months now, our community has waited to receive more definitive information regarding the status of the North Slope liquefied natural gas trucking and local natural gas distribution project from the state’s lead entity for project development and finance: the Alaska Industrial Development [...]

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Flowing the Gas Around Fairbanks

Alan Bailey, Petroleum News The Interior Gas Utility, or IGU, the gas utility owned by Fairbanks North Star Borough, has been planning its gas distribution pipeline network for the Fairbanks area and has determined that it will need a gas transmission line around the perimeter of the city, David Prusak, the project manager for IGU’s [...]

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August North Pole Neighborhood Meeting

Join us August 25 from 5 to 7 pm A North Pole Neighborhood Meeting (Service Areas I and II) will take place at Hotel North Pole at 449 N. Santa Claus Lane. The program will begin at 5:30 pm. Updates about the project will be discussed at this interactive meeting using live and real time data. The [...]

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FNSB Assembly to Consider Poll Watchers, Electronic Candidate Filing

  By Matt Buxton / mbuxton@newsminer.com FAIRBANKS—The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly will consider updating its election rules at its meeting Thursday by authorizing the presence of poll watchers and allowing candidates to file electronically. The proposed ordinance also updates candidacy requirements for borough elected officials and officially adds the Interior Gas Utility's board to [...]

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State Facing Hurdles to Determine Size, Cost of North Slope Gas Plant

By Matt Buxton mbuxton@newsminer.com   FAIRBANKS — Even though the state has approved millions in funding, selected a global infrastructure development company and approved millions more for infrastructure in Fairbanks, it’s clear that getting natural gas off the North Slope is still a “massive undertaking.” The Alaska Industrial Development and Energy Authority’s Board of Directors [...]

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More Work Necessary for Natural Gas Delivery

By Jomo Stewart Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Community Perspective   FAIRBANKS — It’s been long recognized by the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation that, when it comes to moving natural gas off the North Slope, though all roads lead to and through the Interior, no trans-Alaska gasline will do the people of the Fairbanks North Star Borough [...]

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Neighborhood Meeting in North Pole, June 2

The Interior Gas Utility will host a Neighborhood Meeting on June 2 from 5 – 7pm at Hotel North Pole to discuss the gas distribution build out plans specific to Phase 1. The project development team will discuss conversion, financials, engineering, and environmental impacts of the project and invite the public to bring questions and [...]

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With Gas, Seeing is Believing: Concrete progress on Natural Gas Delivery is Gratifying

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner editorial Construction projects are a hallmark of the summer months in Fairbanks, with workers on new buildings and road projects around the city. But this summer will see the beginning of some different construction. And while it will involve disruptions on a good many streets, we’re happy to see it finally get [...]

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