60,000 man hours worked with no lost-time injuries

Fairbanks, AK – Three companies working to install over 70 miles of high-density polyethylene pipe have reached a construction milestone in safety with over 60,000 man hours clocked and no lost-time injury incidents.

The Interior Gas Utility began the first construction season of a six phase natural gas distribution build-out in May with construction companies Central Environmental, Inc. (CEI), Utility Technologies Inc. (UTI), and Robinson Brothers Construction (RBC). The combined workforce of the three companies equals at least 80 workers throughout the summer.

“Safety is the number one priority for the construction project of the Interior Gas Utility,” said David Prusak, Project Manager for the IGU. “The companies working in Phase 1, and the supervisors responsible for training and overseeing the work and pressure tests of the system deserve recognition for leading these crews through a safe and productive first year of construction.”

As a part of the Interior Energy Project to bring affordable energy relief to the Interior, $17 million in construction and materials have been invested in Phase 1. Crews will wrap up this week closing in on 90% of the project as complete, equating to over 65 miles installed and ten miles remaining. Phase 1 restoration is expected to be finalized by the end of September.

Teams met daily throughout the summer on safety measures and precautions while also extending educational outreach to schools and community members generating awareness of the project and emphasizing safety precautions.

For more information contact Mindy O’Neall at the Interior Gas Utility, 907-374-4474, mindy@www.interiorgas.com.