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Interior Gas Utility Approves an Additional $10 Million Loan from AIDEA

The Interior Gas Utility (IGU) Board of Directors on Tuesday authorized an additional $10 million loan with the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA). An original loan agreement, dated June 13, 2018 between IGU and AIDEA, is being amended to include the addition of $10,000,000, subject to the original terms. The original 50-year loan [...]

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LNG Transportation Agreement RFB 11‐2019 – Notice of Intent to Award

LNG Transportation Agreement RFB 11‐2019 May 23, 2019 Notice of Intent to Award Titan Alaska LNG, LLC received four bids from the following transportation companies: Big State Logistics, Inc. Black Gold Express, Inc. Carlile Transportation Systems, Inc. Specialized Transport and Rigging, Inc. After reviewing all proposals, Titan Alaska LNG, LLC announces our intent to award [...]

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RFB – LNG Transportation Agreement

Titan Alaska LNG, LLC is seeking competitive bids for the transportation of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) from qualified transportation companies licensed in the State of Alaska. The owner will own and maintain an existing fleet (17 currently) of LNG trailers. The transportation contractor will provide and manage a fleet of trucks and trained drivers to [...]

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Planned fire drill during next IGU Work Session

The Keybank building will hold a fire drill during the Work Session tomorrow (Tuesday 25th) from approximately 5:00-5:15 pm. We will be expected to evacuate the building and this will temporarily disrupt the Work Session. Please be prepared to leave the building at this time and expect delays if you are listening telephonically.

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Knik Tribe & Siemens Response to IGU’s Questions and Information Request

Siemens has responded to a series of questions by the IGU board of directors. "After initial review of Siemens’ proposal document dated August 17, 2018, and draft Liquefaction Service Agreement (LSA), Interior Alaska Natural Gas Utility (IGU) has the following questions and information requests. Note that this is not intended to represent a comprehensive review [...]

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Audio Recording of August 21 Work Session

The August 21, 2018 board of directors work session audio recording is now avialble. The meeting agenda and board packet are also available on this page. Listen to the recording now.. Above link not working? Just go here,

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