IGU Finalizing Fairbanks Large Storage Tank and Breaking Ground in North Pole
Expanding the Energy Horizons for the Fairbanks North Star Borough

The Interior Gas Utility (IGU) is excited to announce that the balance of plant work is currently being completed on the large storage tank, as it enters its final phase of construction. The tank will be complete and will begin receiving LNG fill deliveries by the end of this November. The completion of this tank ensures meeting the requirements to qualify for the Storage Tax Credit for Fairbanks.

“Balance of plant work is one of the final steps toward completing the construction of our 5.25 million-gallon LNG storage facility designed to provide security of winter supply and increase access to natural gas for thousands in our community,” said IGU General Manager Dan Britton. “This is a massive step forward for affordable clean-burning energy, and we are excited to help ensure affordable energy choices for our community.”