RFP – Natural Gas Pretreatment and Liquefaction Unit

Request for Proposal RFP No. 10-2019 Natural Gas Pretreatment and Liquefaction Unit See bid materials here. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals to provide a natural gas pretreatment and liquefaction unit to complete the Titan Facility Project Expansion in accordance with the enclosed documents. Braemar and Coffman Engineers Inc. [...]

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RFP – IGU North Pole LNG Storage Facility

INTERIOR GAS UTILITY 3408 International Street Fairbanks, AK 99701 (907) 374-4474 Request for Bids IGU RFP 04-2019 IGU North Pole LNG Storage Facility Notice is hereby given that the Interior Gas Utility is requesting Bid Submittals on the above project to be constructed in North Pole, Alaska. Submittal of Solicitation Documents will be received at the [...]

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RFP – Financial Advisory Services

The Interior Gas Utility (IGU) is seeking proposals for the purpose of establishing a term contract with a financial advisory firm qualified and available to provide a full range of financial services to the IGU. Initially, the contractor will provide financial advisory services required to obtain a credit rating, develop and execute a debt financing [...]

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Watch Largest Crane in Alaska Hoists 200,000-Pound Tank Roof

The largest crane in Alaska hoists into place a 200,000-pound roof on the Interior Gas Utility's 5.25-million gallon storage tank on Wednesday, September 12th. IGU General Manager Dan Britton said securing the roof is a monumental step, which will allow work to continue on the tank's interior throughout the winter. The tank [...]

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Gas Price Revealed

By Dan Bross KUAC FM The latest numbers show a state plan to truck North Slope natural gas to Fairbanks may not hit a targeted consumer price point. Officials updated the public on the project Wednesday, and as KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, they‘re optimistic the price can be brought down. Listen to the full story.

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Presentation reveals cost to truck natural gas to Fairbanks area

By Matt Buxton mbuxton@newsminer.com newsminer.com FAIRBANKS — After much educated guessing about just how much it will cost to truck natural gas to the Fairbanks area, the price came in at about what everyone expected. “The number is less than $13 (per thousand cubic feet or mcf),” MWH Managing Director Rick Adcock told a packed [...]

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At last, clarity coming on gas

By Jomo Stewart newsminer.com Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Community Perspective FAIRBANKS — For many months now, our community has waited to receive more definitive information regarding the status of the North Slope liquefied natural gas trucking and local natural gas distribution project from the state’s lead entity for project development and finance: the Alaska Industrial Development [...]

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